About Babs

Babs Perkins is a photographer and writer from Norfolk, Connecticut. Her work focuses on cultural documentation and preservation.
Occupationally Babs has taken what could be referred to as the scenic route to her career. Initially wanting to be a chef, she apprenticed in several kitchens in the northwest corner of Connecticut, obtained a degree in hospitality and tourism in North Carolina and then studied culinary arts in Colorado. All the while, her camera very close at hand.
Circumstances then conspired to bring her back east and redirect her path away from food...but her camera, pen (and journal) remained her constant companions.
A series of seemingly unrelated jobs, including stints at a boutique PR firm, a time management consultancy, staffing agency, law firm and several years at a design firm helped develop and hone skills essential for life as a independent/freelance/self-employed photographer and writer.
Eventually all the threads of her previous careers would weave together her love of the outdoors, food and travel and give her a platform to draw attention to issues important to her.
Babs has spent the last several years researching and documenting traditional food producers, including the farmers, shepherds, cheese makers and beekeepers of the Balkans, specifically in Bosnia and Hercegovina and Serbia. She is currently producing stories about cheese. Seriously. Cheese. Ask her about it!


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Website: www.babsperkins.com

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