About Diana by Design

I have been working in creative fields my entire career. After graduating from the University of Connecticut with a degree in Graphic Design, I worked many years at a top advertising agency designing everything from logos, direct mail + annual reports to 3D booth + packaging designs. Having remained at the forefront of digital design for over 30 years, I am now channeling my design skills in a different medium.

While visiting an artisan market, I was intrigued by a collage artist using old fabrics in her works. Inspired by the idea of taking something old + making it new. Learning to sew at a very young age, I was always helping my mom sew at night. Growing up, our dining room table doubled as the “cutting and pinning area” so it only seemed right that my dining room table was where my sewing journey began. Between my sewing machines, patterns + fabrics, the dining room became overcrowded. Now I have a wonderful space at Whiting Mills.

My love of fashion is visible in all my creations, you will even catch me still wearing bell bottoms. Even though I don’t have a “traditional” background in fashion, I have developed a keen eye + expanded my creative senses. Taking old favorite clothing + turning it into a new, fashionable, wearable piece of art is so much fun. Repurposing what is already there in a different way is not only fun, but helpful to our environment. Sustainably sourcing all the materials I use is my way of being green + giving back to our planet. All of my pieces have a sustainably sourced number sew in, representing how many repurposed pieces went into it.

I am always evolving my wears. Currently I am sewing felted sweaters, mixed media denim jackets, fingerless mittens, denim + necktie skirts, denim skirts, pillows, wine sleeves, + gonks. This past year I have done a large amount of pandemic wear including face masks, surgical caps + isolation gowns.

Every piece I complete becomes my new favorite!




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4th Floor, Suite 416