About Sustainable Fashion

Creating sustainable fashion, slow fashion, eco fashion, and
circular fashion all through upcycling existing discarded clothing + fabrics.

In a world where our waste is growing exponentially the need to be even more environmentally conscience is here. My sustainable fashion began as an idea to take old unwanted clothing and breathe new life into a stylish piece of fashion! My cutting and creating is evolving into a fun upcycled wearable art business. All of my fabrics are sustainably sourced, turning each garment into a unique one of a kind piece. Vintage and used clothing are my textile supply. My way of being green and giving back to our planet while reducing what ends up in our landfills.

I am developing my own fashion style and line. My pieces are meant to be worn; they are durable and now machine washable. Always evolving, I look at what waste I have in scraps and design a new item. My current line of products include: mixed media denim jackets, denim + tie skirts, felted wool sweater coats, felted fingerless mittens, wine sleeves, denim pillows, and now my new reversible bucket + sun hats.

All my products are timeless, no fast fashion here. Each piece is handmade by me, designed and sewn by me. Stop by and see my wears.




Currently, hours by appointment only


4th Floor, Suite 416