About Doreen Breen

Doreen Breen, owner and designer for Soul Threads, works with natural and up-cycled fabrics to create wearable art pieces. She is a strong advocate for “slow fashion”, buying local, supporting hand-made and bringing awareness to the human injustice and environmental issues related to the fashion industry and the manufacture of clothing. She creates clothing and accessories that empower, inspire, and create confidence in the wearer, as well as working directly with clients in a collaborative design process for her private line of Soul Coats. For many years Doreen has been involved in programs related to nonviolence and women’s empowerment and worked in the fields of domestic violence and sexual assault awareness and prevention. Over time, these causes have migrated more into her creative work, resulting in her latest Warrior Women project.

About Soul Threads

With a strong connection to color and unique textile designs, Soul Threads is primarily an up cycled clothing brand supplementing with various fiber arts hand crafts. Used or vintage clothing is redesigned by deconstructing and resewing it, adding vintage fabrics, ethnic textile panels and trims, as well as embellishing with hand-dyeing or discharging using Shibori dyeing techniques; felting; hand-knitting; free-form crocheting; weaving; embroidery; stitchery; and other fiber arts crafts.

About Warrior Women

Doreen’s vision, through Warrior Women, is to use her life experience, talents and abilities to empower women of all ages to rise up, challenge the world and “be the change”. She chooses to do this by assisting others in their own journey as warrior women. The Warrior Women Rising project is focused on bringing forth the stories of warrior women throughout history while allowing Doreen to use her abilities to showcase wearable art representative of the particular women and their cultures. The individual aspects of the project will include and perhaps not be limited to: *Contemporary wearable art collections will be created honoring specific historical women warriors. *The story of each of the warrior women will be researched, documented and be part of the presentation of the collection(s). *Working collaboratively with artists and artisans in the fields of; performance, visual, and literary, with a focus on those artists whose creative expression are unique. This is to allow the format, reach and participation of/and in the project to be free flowing and open hearted. *Workshop: a multi-session program giving women the opportunity to identify, connect with and explore the archetype of their inner warrior woman.





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