About Justine Ickes

Hello, hola, and merhaba!

I am an artist, and an ICF-credentialed, professional coach who helps people widen their worlds through personal introspection and global exploration.

Exploring creativity, making connections, and tapping into the wisdom of other cultures infuse everything I do. As a creative coach and retreat leader, I love to combine contemplative practices and hands-on activities–personal map-making, illustrating your own ‘zine, or creating a mandala ,for example – to help people discover, embrace and celebrate their unique, authentic selves.

I offer one-on-one coaching, customized workshops for groups and teams, and my signature on-location and virtual "retreats for the culturally-curious” that draw on a variety of disciplines – coaching, life design, anthropology, and neuroscience – to help people find their personal way stations, move through roadblocks, and keep learning on their own unique life journey.

As an artist I am deeply drawn to mixed media collage. My process begins with creating one-of-a-kind hand-painted papers with acrylic and watercolor. Collage-making is a way for me to connect with my intuition, puzzle through life's mysteries, and play with colors, pattern and shape. When I start piecing together a collage, I usually have only a vague notion of the image I am trying to conjure. And that for me is where the joy lies: Wondrous beauty emerges when you let your spirit guide you.


4th Floor, Suite 418