About Kathleen Borkowski

I am an artist whose joy comes with writing words!

I specialize in custom calligraphy. I have been continually studying traditional and contemporary calligraphy for 30 years with master calligraphers and artists from the United States, Britain and Europe. Calligraphy is especially appropriate for celebrations. Your stationery will announce your unique event from the moment it arrives in your guest's postbox. Not only that, it is an instant keepsake of the occasion. Custom lettering can be applied to lots of surfaces including: paper, fabric, leather, stone and wood. I teach calligraphy in my Whiting Mills studio and in the community.

My personal work includes painting on paper and silk and book making. It often begins with writing down a word, or a sound, or a dream and morphs to an image. I try to capture a passing moment, the slippery thread of a dream, the catch of a feeling, or a snippet of thought that has taken me out of time, place, and the robotic processing of the “to do list”. Painting is a way for me to declare my uniqueness and my commonality. Making things helps me to think about the world and allows me dream with my hands.



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