About MUSEings

I am a mixed-media artist. I make a great variety of art pieces, but specialize in Memory Boxes for pets and people, as well as hand bound journals and guest books. I am also known for my themed, 3D assemblage pieces called “pocket shrines” that are made in mint tins. Other items are pendants and other jewelry items made from polymer clay; these are often mistaken to be leather or fabric. Leaf print notecards are “my collaboration with Mother Nature”. I make such a variety of items because I am a self-professed technique and media junkie! I am fascinated with new (or new to me) mediums and techniques and enjoy experimenting and letting my muse lead the way! Being first and foremost an environmentalist, I regularly re-purpose items or use items that others consider trash.

I feel that I create my best work and challenge myself the most with commissioned pieces. These pieces, whether a Memory Box or a guest book, are customized in unique, thoughtful, and often surprising ways.

I hope my art brings as much enjoyment to the viewer as I derive from its creation.



4th Floor, Suite 402


By appointment only. Call or email for more information.