Walk in the Woods, LLC

My name is Rosemari Roast, owner of and caretaker to Walk in the Woods, LCC, a holistic wellness practice and creative studio where wellness, balance and growth are nurtured through Nature, creative expression and spirit. I am called herbalist, artist, healer, priestess of the Wyld and teacher.

As an herbalist and healer, I am dedicated to *returning home* the Medicine of the People through supporting you in seeing, acknowledging, honoring and acting on the choices and behaviors that may best serve you.

I offer herbal workshops and formal studies in herbalism as well as private wellness consultations – which may include customized herbals, eclectic healing sessions, plant spirit Medicine, meditation and creative expression.

Other wellness services offered include Reiki training, meditation, lectures, weedwalks, intuitive readings, and more! An herbal Officina is also available. Spiritual counseling and rites of passage are also offered.

I also support personal healing & growth through the arts and creative expression – art journaling workshops, intuitive painting and more. Creative expression is a vital tool that supports holistic wellness, growth and awareness on all levels as we explore our personal symbols, metaphors, archetypes and stories. I can support you in this journey, and – more importantly – offer you ways to support yourself.

With every service that I offer, I strive to help you re-discover the natural healer within so that you may help yourself and those you love, and to help bring the Medicine of the People back home – to all of us.

~ rose
Walk in the Woods, LLC


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