About Babybellyband by CABEA

Babybellyband Maternity Support Wear provides support for almost all discomforts a woman may encounter along the pregnancy & postpartum journey. Three optional components velcro together to provide comfort and immediate pain relief for abdominal, back, hip or pelvic floor discomfort.

What the health pros have to say:

"I have been a CNM for 40 years and this is the only product my moms will wear consistently, it greatly reduces round ligament pain and false labor calls" Nancy Giglio, CNM

"My quality of life has improved immediately since wearing the Babybellyband. I have terrible varicosities and an inguinal hernia, thank you for an amazing product" Mariam Mahmud, MD

“ I’m a physical therapist and I recommend the BabyBellyBand three times each day for pelvic girdle support and treatment of sacroiliac or pubic symphysis discomfort in pregnancy and postpartum."
Anne Marie, PT ~Miracle Physical Therapy

About the Inventor

Caroline Christensen is the founder of CABEA, LLC and inventor of the Babybellyband Maternity and Pelvic Support System. During pregnancy Caroline developed painful pelvic issues and at the time there were no products on the market to relieve her pain. Having a background in anatomy and physiology, science innovation and experience with sewing (thanks to Mom), the Babybellyband concept was born. After obtaining patents and trademarks and launching the babybellyband.com website, the Babybellyband products were introduced to health professionals across the country. Since then, doctors, midwives, doulas and physical therapists have been recommending the Babybellyband Support system as the leading pelvic wellness product on the market.



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